The Association of Montana Turf, Ornamental & Pest Professionals

 On January 27, 1990, twenty-five Greens Industry like minded people got together and formed the Association of the Montana Turf & Ornamental Professionals (AMTOP).  This group of people discussed the purpose of this new association and the benefits it would provide members of this industry and the public served, throughout the state of Montana.

Five of the original twenty-five served as president of AMTOP throughout the twenty two year existence of AMTOP.  The dedication of this group of people to shape and form AMTOP from the very first meeting to now is an indication of their commitment to sustain AMTOP and the professionalism of our industry for the past twenty years. 

The AMTOP membership voted in the additional "P" in AMTOPP at the 2007 17th Annual Winter Conference to represent "Pest" and incorporated into the new logo (2008) created according to the AMTOPP by-laws.  The AMTOPP by-laws were adopted June 23, 1990 with only a few amendments over the years.

The AMTOPP membership represents a diversivied, yet unified membership consisting of a large array of disciplines with in the private and public sectors of the Greens Industry in the state of Montana.  We have lawn care, sprinkler installation, arborists, structural pest specialists, landscape maintenance & landscape installation, ornamental specialists, landscape designers .........!

The AMTOPP Board of Directors values the vast knowledge and input our members provide to ensure our industry stays strong and continues to benefit our businesses, our customers and our community through our affiliations within the AMTOPP Membership and beyond.

AMTOPP gives back to our veterans and our communities through our Summer Field Day event.  AMTOPP developed Summer Field Day, fashioned from our experiences at the Renewal and Remembrance at Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C., as an opportunity for our membership to thank our veterans and the families of the armed forces for sacrificing their time and lives for our freedoms.  We volunteer as a group and share our expertises needed at a local Veterans' Cemetery in Montana.  We fertilize the lawns, deep root feed trees, pruning and tree removal to name a few tasks performed.  AMTOPP has volunteered at the Columbia Falls Veterans' Home, Hospital and Cemetery alternating years with the Eastern Montana Veterans' Cemetery in Miles City, for the last eight years.   Our last Summer Field Day in Miles City was another great event.  We volunteered 80 total man hours in a single morning, put down a ton of fertilizer, pruned young trees.  AMTOPP planted a tree in honor of the veterans in their park.  

 AMTOPP thanks Warne Chemical & Equipment Company (for the fertilizer) and 2M Company for the weed fabric for their generous donations!  We could not be so productive without their help.  This is a very rewarding experience for all involved.  Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped make this event possible. 

AMTOPP is very involved in legislative issues that arise governing our industry on a state and national level.  AMTOPP works with the Montana Department of Agriculture on state and local issues, and on a national level we work with PLANET and RISE.  The AMTOPP Board of Directors annually sends the AMTOPP President and Vice President to Washington D.C. for Legislative Day on the Hill to meet with our state legislators to voice Green Industry concerns/challenges in our state.  Historically, we have represented pending legislation on water, labor, pesticides, funding for urban forests etc.

The AMTOPP Board of Directors put on an Annual Winter Conference & Trade Show, filled with amazing learning opportunities from nationally and regionally respected experts in their fields, and exhibitors offering information and products most suited for our environments.  Our membership learns from each other and create colleagueship, as well as working relationships.   Members earn continuing education credits for their professional licenses and certifications, including the Montana Department of Agriculture, International Society of Arboriculture and Urban IPM. 

The 24th Annual Winter Conference and Trade Show at Fairmont Hot Springs will be January 26, 27, & 28, 2014.   Our members will take home new ideas from seminars, exhibitors, and from their colleagues, to apply to their business or work.  Testing opportunities for the Dept of Agriculture and ISA will take place on Sunday January 26, 2014 @ 1:00 p.m..  Fairmont Hot Springs venue provides a Montana ambiance and fun for all who attend, including family members!   

See you January 26 - 28, 2014 for AMTOPP's 24th Annual Winter Conference and Trade Show!

The AMTOPP membership & Board of Directors work very hard to ensure our industry is improving with knowledge, instilling the importance of our industry in a positvie manner to the public and contributing to our communities by enhancing the enviornment we all live in.


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